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Innovative Materials Technologies ("IMT") is a world leader in the computational design and engineering of advanced materials. Unlike traditional material science techniques that develop compositions of matter as physical experiments in a laboratory, IMT uses a unique process that co-leverages supercomputing, quantum mechanics methodologies and the world's most comprehensive proprietary crystallographic database.

IMT technology is being applied in several industries including Aerospace, Nuclear Energy Production, Oil & Gas Production, Energy Storage Devices, and Electronics. Our engagements in Strategic Commercial Partnerships focus on the development of exclusive products, custom designed to meet commercial end-market needs. Surface Engineered Materials such as Thin Films and Nanocoatings are a core competency. 

IMT's Product Portfolio includes aerospace turbine engine coatings that represent breakthroughs in materials design. The foremost IMT Aerospace Nanocoatings, enabled by physical vapor deposition ("PVD"), protect and extend the life of high value turbine engine components exposed to significant wear, erosion, corrosion and abrasion.  Erosion resistance characteristics of IMT coatings are industry-leading. Maintenance and overhaul savings for military aircraft, commercial airlines and helicopter fleets flying in harsh environments dramatically improves profitability and cash flow for operators. Environmental footprints are also significantly reduced.

IMT Aerospace Turbine Engine Coatings are commercial ready, and have received STC approval for use on the venerable Rolls-Royce 501-D22A/G turboprop.  

IMT invites inquiries about applications of its proprietary tools and methodologies for the development of other new high performance materials through Strategic Commercial Partnerships.

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